Thursday, September 17, 2009

One week and counting...

It's sometimes an odd thing to work on a t.v. show and be experiencing it in your own time -- reading scripts, watching cuts, breaking upcoming stories in the room (we're currently conceiving episode number 11!) -- while knowing that the audience, who have us outnumbered about a million to one, has the entire fifth season still to catch up on. It's a lot different from doing a play in that way.

You do sometimes wish people could know what you know, though. I imagine folks out there have some anxiety -- what's gonna happen? Is it gonna be scary? Is it gonna stink?

Well, I won't try to predict your reactions. But I can tell you this. Networks and studios spend a lot of time trying to make entertainment more like a science. And why wouldn't they? They're in business to make money. How do you boil t.v. down to numbers? There's ratings of course. Then there's testing.

At regular intervals, most networks like to test all their shows. They want to know what you think about characters, season arcs, storylines, episodes, wardrobe, props, everything. They recruit audiences, give them dials to spin, and then sit them down for long "focus groups." Then they crunch all the data and discuss it with us. They could probably save themselves lots of time and money and just read some message boards. (But no t.v. professional will admit doing that...)

Anyway, why am I telling you all this? Because they tested our first episode, and according to all the analysis, you loved it.

Or you will, once you've seen it.

I sure hope they're right. I know I loved the show. But I'm kind of biased.

Love did a GREAT job directing. Connor, the boy who plays her new son, is an exceptionally talented young actor. And the rest of the cast and crew did exactly the kind of excellent work we've all come to expect.

Tune in next week and let us know what you thought. And we'll have some more tidbits and news as the season heats up. There's a LOT you need to catch up on, after all.