Saturday, May 30, 2009

Writers Day One

May 19, 2009. Today was our first day in the Writers Room. We welcomed our newest writer Stephanie Sengupta (a longtime vet of the Law and Order dynasty and a very talented writer who happens to also be a longtime fan of our show) and we talked about the big ideas for the season. (Did I mention the ideas are BIG?) Then we took turns pitching individual episode ideas. We have an excellent writing staff, so there were some excellent pitches. Prepare to be seriously entertained this season.

Oh yeah, and we wasted a little time catching each other up on what we did for our summer vacation. (For writers of network television, summer vacation comes in the spring.)

I also sat down with Exec. Producer Ian Sander and Production Designer Mayling Cheng, to talk about sets for the upcoming season. Because of some big story developments, (BIG) our sets need to be heavily reimagined and rebuilt. Not to mention the fact that we're finally returning to our backlot sets, which burned down almost a year ago. There'll be some changes there, too. See if you spot them. (Hint: We're incorporating some elements of the Warner Bros. backlot which we shot on all last season, whose "town square" -- formerly of Gilmore Girls fame -- looks a little different from ours.) Universal Studios, our longtime home, where we shot before the fire, is working literally around the clock to get our backlot sets ready for us by our production start.

We're booking directors quickly -- talented vets from years past, as well as some new faces to keep things fresh. And we're watching to see what CBS does with their schedule. We haven't officially been given our timeslot yet, and rumors are flying about interesting new possibilities as far as who we might be scheduled with. (The competition from other networks looks interesting too...)

More soon...