Saturday, May 30, 2009

Gotta Love Love

May 18, 2009. Flying back from New York where I had a terrific meeting with John Gray (congrats on a first rate season finale, John!), followed by a great time watching Jamie do his stand up routine. For some reason even after working with the guy for a year I had no idea Jamie could be THAT funny. (If you ever get a chance to see him don't miss it, and make sure he does his "I'm a good girl" bit -- one of the funniest (if raunchiest) routines I've ever seen.)

Possibly even more amazing, however, was the sight, after Jamie's show was over, of Jennifer Love Hewitt, International Superstar and Preferred Paparazzi Prey, cheerfully manning the sales booth and making change for fans of Jamie's who want to buy books, dvd's and t-shirts as souvenirs. She has a smile (and correct change) for everyone, poses for pictures, and just as often volunteers to hold the camera for fans who want their picture taken with Jamie. (Apparently there are still a few people who don't know who Love is.) Then she helps pack everything up and shleps it to storage for the next show. I knew the woman could take care of herself and others, having been served amazing home cooked meals by her. But still. To see it in action like this. Unreal. We could all use a roadie like J Love.

Looking forward to the official call from CBS telling us we're coming back to Fridays at 8pm. Until then we're moving forward with our story work. It's going to be another intense year for viewers, so get ready!