Saturday, May 30, 2009

Here goes nothing. Well, hopefully something...

First official blog entry. The site wasn't up and working when I wrote the post that's below (or the batch that follow), so the posting dates may not match the entry dates you see. After the first few posts, expect this to act like a real, grownup blog. Thanks for your patience...

May 14, 2009. 2pm. I'm writing this on a plane to New York to meet with John Gray about storytelling for next season. (And going to see Jamie and Love at one of Jamie's comedy concerts.) Might also run into some tv biz friends who are all in the city for "upfronts". Recently spent a week with Laurie McCarthy and Mark Perry hashing out broad outlines of season five. But it's always a good idea to go back to the Originator for a booster shot of Ghost Whisperer mojo.

The writing staff will be reconvening full time next week. Good news is the network just let us know (a little ahead of the official announcement, so we can start setting our schedule and hiring directors) that we've been picked up for next season (!), and that they're very happy with our early thoughts about story directions for season 5. Bad news? Well, there really isn't any yet because there isn't much news at all. Doing a show means managing up to eight episodes at a time, all in various stages of writing, preproduction, production and post production. Now is the best part in some ways because it's all in the dream phase (and not yet in the all nighter phase!) As any writers out there know -- or dreamers of any kind -- things are always best in the dream phase.

So what are we dreaming about for next year? Big dreams. We ended the season with a "hopper" full of interesting episode ideas, but as a showrunner you always hope to come up with more than episodes. You want to find a big idea. A way to look at a season that helps it become an event of its own. That was what last season gave us. We want nothing less for next. If you're wondering what that means, there are plenty of clues in the season four finale that just aired. But there's also lots you don't know -- and hopefully won't guess! The show is going to make some very big changes. As always, we're looking for stuff that gives us interesting stories to tell, stories with high stakes. And we want to find life-changing challenges for our characters to give them -- and the audience -- the most thrilling journey possible.

Perhaps you're wondering: Is anyone going to die? Dudes, the show is called Ghost Whisperer. People are going to die. Including people we care about? Well, otherwise, I mean, who would care...?

Stay tuned to this blog and to Ian and Kim's blog on, and we'll keep the tidbits and clues and insider stuff coming.

And as always, thanks from the bottom of our hearts for watching.

P. K. Simonds