Sunday, May 31, 2009

Don't hate me, but...

I couldn't resist giving people a little more to chew on than whatever slim pickings might be available through traditional channels. Plus I thought some of you might enjoy getting a glimpse of the back and forth between t.v. show producers and their lords and masters at the networks. "Lord Master" is a "current programming" executive at CBS, and a while back he asked me for an email summary of our plans for next season, such as they were at that early date. I sent him the following email, from which I've "REDACTED" content here and there (and okay, almost everywhere) to avoid spoiling too much for those of you who want to be surprised...

And I swear, this is the actual email; I didn't just create it to be cute...


---------- Forwarded message ----------
From: "P.K. Simonds"
Date: Fri, 8 May 2009 12:56:23 -0700
To: Lord M

Lord, per your request:

For Season 5 we're refreshing the show again, shaking things up and making big changes to keep our storytelling bold and surprising.

In a nutshell, the season will be very much about REDACTED and REDACTED, and especially Melinda's GIFTED CHILD. The scope of his powers -- which turn out to be REDACTED -- will gradually become apparent, and will help reveal a strange and dangerous new supernatural dimension to Melinda.

High Points:

-- Melinda's baby will be born in a dramatic REDACTED

-- Soon thereafter, REDACTED

-- Melinda and Jim have waited on pins and needles to see what gift their child might have, but REDACTED

-- Because the child has little understanding of his gift, and less control over its intensity, it puts him REDACTED

-- The child's gift also opens NEW PSYCHIC PORTALS to Melinda when REDACTED

-- Melinda learns of dimensions of the beyond she'd never known about. Dimensions that harbor both miraculous and lethal spirit energy, and whose limits are not even fully known to the WATCHERS.

-- One of these dimensions finds a focal point in the REDACTED, since it's a source of so much emotional energy -- and so many restless spirits.


-- Clues to the meaning of all this will continue to be found in the BOOK OF CHANGES, which Eli still safeguards against mysterious dark forces.

-- Eli may get his own unasked-for new connection to the spirit world when REDACTED come back to haunt him as ghosts.

-- Lots of stories will now be accessed through REDACTED where REDACTED has begun a new career. It's a REDACTED that becomes more of a character as its complex history is gradually revealed.


Thanks for all your support.



Like I say, don't hate me for being a tease. There's actually more information here than might be apparent at first glance. As time goes by -- and we know more -- we'll give you some more hints...